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ALGARVE -  Gramacho Pestana Golf - Presentation



Carvoeiro Golf is a complex with two golf courses - Gramacho, inaugurated in December l99l, and Vale da Pinta, in October 1992, located between Lagoa and Carvoeiro.

Both were designed by the well known architect Ronald Fream. Grarnacho has an interesting formula of 72 tees, nine fairways and 18 greens.

In the traditional undulating landscape of the Algarve, full of almond and carob-trees, Gramacho is played to 18 large double greens, giving the player a different perspective on each of the rounds.

Gramacho seems to be a short course, but as matter of fact it totals 6,107 metres and it is a par 72 off the back tees, and a good challenge for whoever would like to imagine himself playing the double greens of St. Andrews.

 [In O Golfe em Portugal - Fernando Nunes Pedro - Texto Editora-Andersen Consulting]