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ALGARVE -  Dom Pedro Pinhal - Presentation



On the way to the east of Algarve, a large property was transformed into a tourist resort, as the result of the imagination and power of a man who believed in the potential of the southern-most province of Portugal, showing the methodical, integrated and controlled ways that should be emulated by our tourism. This man was Cupertino de Miranda, who laid the foundations of Vilamoura in a way to be regarded as an example to be followed. We owe the benefits of Vilamoura to him, no matter what ups and downs this resort has been through.

The Vilamoura golf courses are a reality that have turned it into one of the popular golfing destinations in Europe, with three separate layouts one of them with 27 holes, and a further one still in the planning process.

The Pinhal Golf Course (ex. Vilamoura 2), inaugurated in 1976, is another one of Pennink's assignments. For urban development reasons Vilamoura 2 was modified in 1985 by Trent Jones, who retained l1 holes of the previous layout.

The different golf design concepts of the English and American schools are easily recognised here. The Americans quietly readjust the terrain at their convenience, while the British have a kind of reserve and sometimes a certain refinement. Although this is an excellent example, we feel that the Pinhal Golf Course should have been re-planned by an architect of the some school to maintain the course character.

[In O Golfe em Portugal - Fernando Nunes Pedro - Texto Editora-Andersen Consulting]