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Founded in 1143, Portugal acquired its present shape during the following century, making it one of Europe's most ancient nations.

Its location - occupying the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula along the Atlantic Ocean - determined its destiny as one of the world's great seafaring nations, coming to prominence during the l6th-century’s Age of Discoveries. It was the first nation to discover the sea routes to India, to Brazil, and to China.

At the same time the country established ties with both the east and west coasts of Africa. Portugal has therefore left behind evidence of its language and its culture in many places.

Both spontaneous and generous, the Portuguese also opened themselves up to new cultures, and so they have made an important contribution to the forging of a new Europe.Through its medieval castles, churches and cathedrals, its fortresses and its palaces, Portugal gradually reveals its long and rich history.


In mansions and manor houses, where one can always find lodging, hospitable people entertain with both tradition and sophistication.

For such a small country, Portugal's sheer variety of landscape is surprising and also captivating; it is blessed with gentle sunshine for the whole year round, and is bordered from south to north by the clean blue waters of the ocean.

Easily reached, Portugal is a paradise where the golfer can play almost every day of the year. Every course offers new and surprising landscapes, backed up by excellent services and facilities.

At once European and cosmopolitan, Portugal has placed its bets firmly on the future.

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